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LG launched its flagship mobile G2 in India on 30th September, approximately a month later after its international launch. Looking at LG’s past launches, this device stepped in India very soon and was launched with utmost care and power by LG. We got an opportunity to attend the launch event which by far the best launch event HFG had ever attended, and it turns out, HFG attends all the major gadgets launch events in India.

LG G2 black 1 1024x682 G2   A complete Review of LGs Flagship

LG always assigns a tagline to its flagship phones which was “Meet the Genius” for LG Optimus G,  ”Imagination Begins” for LG Optimus G Pro. LG G2 has the tagline “Learning from you”. LG G2 promises to be a good value for money, but will it stand any chance against the mighty Samsung or the ferocious HTC One? Only time will tell, but let’s first see what the device has to offer.

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LG G2, the first change we see is it has dropped its title “Optimus” from its name. The change wasn’t quite required as people still call it Optimus G2 instead of LG G2, and the branding they developed for Optimus loses its value. The weight of the device is mere 143 g and the overall dimension is 138.5 x 70.9 x 9.1 mm. LG G2 features a 5.2 inch True HD-IPS + LCD capacitive touchscreen with a pixel density of 424 ppi.

G2 has a very nice build quality, wherein LG has kept aside its L shape design philosophy and designed the phone in a aesthetically beautiful and technically smart way. LG G2 is the first phone to feature a 5.2 inch Screen on such a small overall dimension and the weight of the device. Whenever i go to buy a mobile, I do want a larger screen but I do not want a stone weight dragging my pocket downwards, acting a resistant while I climb stairs and stops me from using the mobile phone with just one hand.

G2 satisfies all my requirements on that perspective. It features a huge screen thanks to its fantastic engineering where the bezel has been reduced to such size that its almost invisible when the screen is turned ON. The G2 has no buttons below or above the screen for functions such as return, menu and home; instead it has what we call virtual buttons which are actually displayed in the screen, and the space can later be utilized for video or gaming.

The front of the phone has a speaker grill just where every other smartphone in the market has, surrounded by sensors and front camera on either side of the speaker.

One change I really liked was the placement of the LG branding logo, which is placed in this device below the screen, wherein all other brands place their logo on top of the screen successfully ruining the look of many many beautiful device. The smaller bezel is good for the size for the screen but it also presents a problem when you are handling your phone carelessly, because you are more prone to touching the screen while removing it from pocket, holding it,etc. The sides of the phone are kept simple, with basic straight designs, nothing overwork as we observed in G pro.

The sides of the device are buttons free again, as the front are. The bottom side of the device has USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.  The device has a clean back, with a camera placement on the top middle, and three buttons just below the camera. YOU read it correctly, the power button and the volume rocker is placed on the back, below the camera instead on the sides.

The manufacturer LG claims this design to a research wherein they found that 80% of people have their index finger rested right where they have placed the buttons. If i hadn’t liked this change, I would had commented that, ” Dear LG, your research is correct. We keep our index finger there on the back resting while we talk or use mobile. Please do not make the life our index finger hell by not allowing it o rest there icon razz G2   A complete Review of LGs Flagship “.

But after using it just for half an hour, I was habitual to the back button and was able to quickly use them whenever needed. In fact, this placement allows us to use the device with just one hand easily.

G2 offers a 3000mAh battery power, which is largest in the segment. The talk-time hours is obviously greater than all other competitors, but I would like to point that, this battery provides more live hours than other 3000mAh battery pack available because of LG’s efficient technology used in battery to accommodate more charges. LG has always satisfied when it came to battery power or live hours. The device supports microsim via a slot which I hate more than I hate Hitler, because you need a pin to take out and insert every time(something I do many number of times in a day).

stripped20130709115007 G2   A complete Review of LGs Flagship

G2 doesn’t surprises or even satisfies when it comes to android version which is mere 4.2.2(JellyBean), as I was expecting 4.3(JellyBean); but when you use the device, you will hardly notice any difference or any form dis-satisfaction on the software experience as LG has optimized, or I must use the word “Customized” the android very effectively for it to function and provide all the facilities of 4.3. The Lockscreen has an animation of sparkles replacing the dewdrops which I loved. Sparkles is also good, but dewdrops was awesome and you can still keep it from going into settings. The device has an organized settings menu, which will allow you to easily edit most of the stuffs in your device and that too easily and quickly.

The device has a very good software aspect with most of the things utilized for smoother user experience. The device has now almost all the necessary apps such as dialer, video player, log directory, contacts, messages, etc turned into QSlide apps, which is LG’s way to define multi-tasking. The device now supports multi-tasking at a level which is right now only supported by either tablets or PCs. The Snapdragon 800 Processor allows the device to function so smoothly, that you will hardly ever notice the time difference between a click to run the app, opening of app, loading and closing the app.

800 diagram 960 1012013 G2   A complete Review of LGs Flagship

The device has a processor which is right now in only a few devices in the market and is the alleged fastest and most efficient processor too. The device satisfies like all other LG devices in terms of hardware. When it comes to software, LG has successfully done a work which doesn’t feels incomplete the way it felt in Optimus G and G pro. The device comes with a clean UI, a better notification drawer where the qslide apps can be turned ON or OFF, and the notication area also differentiates between live apps notis and normal notis, by which I mean, you will get the music player displayed in a different line in notification drawer and the received messages in a different category/row in the drawer.
lg optimus g2 volume G2   A complete Review of LGs Flagship

I will come back to the placement of the buttons on the back, did you wonder when you are sitting in the library or some other place doing your daily work, and you have placed your device on the desk, and now you want to check the notification, screen or your wallpaper, its just that crazy feeling that you want to turn on the screen and see what’s happening. For this in a normal phone, you will have to reach out and press the lock button on the side/top of the device. For this problem, NOKIA had introduced a technology wherein you just had to tap your screen and it would wake up. I loved the change in NOKIA and praised it but sadly due to NOKIA’s bad marketing strategy, people never came to know about it, but yet again, the good technology doesn’t die without fulfilling it’s purpose, the G2 features the KnockOn feature wherein you just have to tap the screen to wake it up, instead of lifting the device and pressing the keys, and the tech works way better than it used to work in NOKIA.

G2 also boasts about the Hi-Fi sound playing capability where it si capable to play sounds with bitrate of 24, which is commonly called as studio quality or the sound played in a theater during movie playback. The device also has premiere headphones capable to reproduce the sound which the device plays, after all whats the use of playing the high quality sound if you don’t have the speaker to allow you to experience it. I must inform you that it is difficult to get your hand on songs with bitrate of 24 available in the market.

THe device features a guest mode based on lockscreen pattern which is very good and anyone wont ever know that you just logged them into  guest mode in your device. The Audizoom feature in G2 is improved and more usable than it was in G pro.  The textlink feature is  an addon when you want to get a task done quickly, as it recognizes the data to be processed by the text in the message, so if you just received an addres, the textlink wll prompt you to save it in your contact or the direction to reach it on Gmaps. Dual recording and dual play is also more improved and works more simply and smoothly than on Gpro or G.

One aspect where the G2 surpried me was the image quality its camera was able to take. LG has always been a turn down when it came to camera quality, but G2 here takes the trophy as the image sproduced are better or at par with most devices in the market. the fron camera is also of better quality. G2 features OIS i.e. optical image stabilizer in its camera, or i must say, around its camera, whatever, but it allows you to take much sharper and accurate pic reducing the shakes and blur. The camera was a fantastic improvement which made me happy.


ht t mobile lg g2 ll 130807 16x9 9921 G2   A complete Review of LGs FlagshipConclusion: G2 is one of the best smartphones this year, provides best processing power, battery backup and sound quality, largest screen comparing to device size and very nice camera. The innovation level is maximum when it comes to the rear key placement and the software design features.

G2 is very promising and the first ever device which is in the premier segment, with a price tag of 40k+ and yet I call it a value for money. The first device I would pay the hefty amount to get it into my pocket. I would suggest you to go for the device if you planning to spend that much amount, if not then let us know what you think of the device?

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